Walking around downtown Grand Rapids I see a lot of history. Many of
the buildings have recently be renovated and brought back to life.  People are investing time and money into the
downtown area to bring it back to what it once was; a living breathing community.
 It takes a certain person to look at a
building that has been vacant and neglected for years and turn it into
something that people are willing to pay top dollar to live in.

Christ also sees those who struggle with porn the same way;
vacant and neglected.  He wants us back
to our original likeness, having people put their time and effort into us. When
I found out about my husbands addiction we went through many stages to get back
to normal. Not only did he need to be repaired but, so did I.  The renovation of our mind and spirit can be
a very long and exhausting process.

No one person can take on such an undertaking by themselves.
You need accountability partners, prayer, and others to talk with. Only on
television is any remodeling job easy, it will not be torn down and put back up
in 7 days. Real life takes longer and there is a great variance in the timeline
for each person.  How bad was it when you
started? Did you find more problems when you went looking to fix this one?
Layer by layer people need to shed the old and be able to take on the new.

We asked for Gods help in the renovation when we rebuilt.  I wanted to make sure that the foundation was
strong, and the walls were able with stand anything. I can not say that we are
done, but I can say that are a great work in progress. Will the problem ever go
away, I truly do not believe so, and an addiction is something that Brian and I
will struggle with for a very long time. We are very vigilant to “bugs and
parasites” that might come into our building, doing what we can to keep them
away and out of our lives forever.

As Paul wrote to the Romans “Do not conform any longer to the
pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Romans 12:2

If you are struggling or know some one who is please visit the resource page in
the site and start to make that plan to renovate what was once an living and
breathing thing in our community.