I was going to find an awesome intellectual definition of Accountability and possibly a flow chart.  But this comic is much better.  Why do we avoid accountability so much?  Why is it such a rare thing?  Is it the person needing to be held accountable?  Do they really not want to be called on their junk? Or is the one holding the person accountable?  Do they not want to “butt in”?  Do they fear they might ruin the relationship by pointing out the negative? BS to all of it.  I have a good friend I am accountable to.  FOR EVERYTHING.  My actions, relationships, my thought life, even money issues. Who is this magic person?  My BFF.  Here is why I picked her for this awesome job (soak in the sarcasm).

1. She follows Christ and is growing in Him.

2. She loves me and wants the best for me.

3. She speaks the truth in love.

4. I do it for her and have enough garbage on her to fill a blog for years…she would never cross me.  JUST KIDDING on that last one.

IT IS CRUCIAL!!!!!!!!  God never meant us to go at life alone.  There are tons of verses on how He made us to help each other walk this life……”a cord of three stands is not easily broken” ; “two can hold each other up and keep each other warm”; “THE FLESH IS WEAK”…….all of these are GREAT reasons to be accountable to someone.  Hello! xxxchurch has made this their main platform!  I have had women whose husbands are into porn say to me, “I don’t need accountability…he does”  Ummmmmm yeah you do…we all do.

It may not be for watching porn…but what about a bitter spirit or anger?  What about passive aggressiveness?  I believe the Holy Spirit holds us accountable but we often close our ears to His warnings. It isn’t as easy to ignore your girlfriend who will thankfully hunt you down if she thinks anything is off.    My Bff and I often pray that the Holy Spirit wraps his hairy leg round us to get us to listen.  (Yes, we are a bit strange).  For me, having the prompt from the Holy Spirit and a friend that wants good for me makes me stronger in the battle of overcoming evil with good.

Let’s sum this up.  GET AN ACCOUNABILTY partner.  Hahahahaha. Chickens.