My wife and I have a 19-month-old boy.

He is just starting the throwing tantrums and taking swings at people stage, and gets really frustrated when he doesn’t get what he wants. Man it sucks when he throws a tantrum or takes a swing at you. And it’s even more embarrassing when it happens in public. We love him so much, but it’s still a bummer part of this stage.

So we got to talking with another Mom of a toddler in our church. And she started talking about how her daughter was doing some of the very same things our boy was doing.

And there it was…

Someone who understands.

Someone who knows what you are going through.

And that’s what we need… at least someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who has felt and experienced what you have thought, felt and been through.

And it got me thinking about all of this too…

But not just for those of us who struggle with porn and sexual vices. No, there are also those who are affected because of us – who don’t feel like anyone understands. I’ve been grateful for a few of the wives/girlfriends who have been honest enough with us to say, “I don’t feel like anyone understands what I am going through, and what we are going through together. I feel like all of my friends have husbands/boyfriends who don’t struggle. Or at least they don’t talk about it.”

You want to know that someone understands.

That someone has been there… or is there.

You want to know there is hope. There is light amidst the dark.

That you are not the only one who has ever experienced this…

… that you are not alone.

We’re out there. Find someone who can walk with you. Find people, who are or have been there. I promise others are out there. There are others like us. Not everyone hides their stuff. And if they don’t have stuff in this area, I bet they can at least understand what it’s like to struggle with something – if not point you in the direction of someone who does understand. And if they don’t understand or don’t struggle with anything… um, sure!
Glad to be part of a community here that understands…

… it’s nice to not be alone.

Don’t struggle in silence. I don’t believe God ever intended us to struggle in silence and isolation.

We’re here…

HE is here.