For the most part, I spent my teenage years and early adulthood doing the bear minimum to get by in life.  I graduated high school with a 1.9 GPA and if not for night school I wouldn’t have graduated. I spent 8 years in the military and when it came to the basic qualifications for the various positions I held I continued to follow suit by doing the bare minimum to achieve those qualifications.  When it came to my marriage and my wife I never even came close to hitting the mark I was a failure from day one.

But there has been one thing that I have always applied all my effort and energy to which in return helped me to become the successful failure that I was, it was my porn habit.  I became a so-called “expert” or so I thought, at hiding my tracks and not letting anyone know about my dirty little secret.   That was until the day my wife discovered my internet tracks and at that point in my life there wasn’t anything that I wasn’t a successful failure at.

It wasn’t until I fully surrendered my life to Christ that I began to live a life of purpose and meaning.  I began to see that I had spent most of my life trapped in a destructive cycle of shame and guilt and failure was always my end result.

“But for one reason only I’ve kept you on your feet: To make you recognize my power so that my reputation spreads in all the Earth.”  Exodus 9:16

My life with out Christ has no meaning but with Christ my life has direction and purpose.  Telling my story of being a successful failure to now being called to be a Pastor is filled with the recognition of God’s amazing power and through that His message is being spread.