“Father we pray that this sin would no longer exist and that you would remove it from our lives.  We ask that the temptations and thoughts disappear and that our marriage be restored the way it should be.  We pray this in you your sons name; Amen”

As a couple healing from the scars of sexual addiction we have prayed many times for God to remove this sin that was affecting our lives.  I mean we have all been told that pray believing in your pray and that it is for the right reasons and it will happen?  Well there is one thing they forgot to tell you, that is he is not going to do it all for you.  That’s right you need to apply yourself as well, especially when you are recovering from an addiction.

God will give you the tools needed to fight this addiction.  The tools can range from all sorts of things from counselors, pastors, friends, studies, groups and so much more.  However, if we do not use the tools that God has laid in front of us we will not be able to cut this sin at the knees.

A painter: needs paint, brushes, and some type of canvas, but if the painter never uses the tools that God gave them; nothing!

A carpenter: needs hammers, screw drivers, scales, and wood but, if the carpenter never uses the tools that God gave them; nothing!

A pastor; needs the Word, wisdom, and compassion but, if the pastor never uses the tools that God gave them; nothing!

What I am trying to say is that prayer is a huge part in getting over this addiction or temptation to look at porn you must bring God into this battle.  However he will not just take it away or make it go away.  He will place things in front of you to use to walk away from your desires of lust.

Do not get me wrong, He is a very powerful God and can do anything he wants.  I feel that in this situation this is how he answers our prayers.  He will give you strength, wisdom, and power over temptation.  We just don’t know how it will come to us.

“Father we pray that you will provide the tools necessary for us to beat this thing and be able to walk with our heads held high.  Please give us the eyes to see these things that you provide for us and the ears to hear what we need to remove this from our lives.  It is in your Sons name that we pray this; Amen”