So here we are; this week on December 2nd it will be 4 years of sobriety for me.  Darcy and I are very excited about this milestone in our healing.  We look back and see good times, bad times, and some very uncomfortable times as well.

One of the things that we often look back at is this blog for the site.  So many times we have sat at the screen wonder “what do we write now”?  “What else can we write about”? When you write about the same thing over and over again it you can get writers block often.

So what we would like to know from you is what do you want us to write about.  There is no subject to taboo to talk about or discuss.  We want to be as open and available to everyone here.

Just place a comment below and we will start to compile a list of things to blog about here on the site.

If you feel it is to tough to place soething here you are always free to contact Darcy and I at [email protected]