Just recently the small group that Darcy and I lead started a new study out from LifeChurch.tv called “You Don’t Have What it Takes”.

During this study we find ourselves reflecting back on our healing and recovery from my addiction to pornography.  During this time we heard the same voice telling us that we did not have what it takes to beat this addiction.  This is a vice used by Satan to discourage you or you and your spouse’s with the hopes that you will give up and quite, going back to your old ways.

For the one who is struggling you will hear things like:
“you can’t tell your spouse about this they will never forgive you”
“You are alone and no one will understand”
“You think that God loves you after the things you just looked and did?”
“What makes you think you can win now?  You couldn’t before”
“She / He doesn’t love you anymore because of your sin”

For our spouses who are healing and help us with our struggles:
“They’ll never be able to get over it”
“What? You think you can help them over this? You’re not strong enough”
“You know you will never be able to trust them again”
“Because of this you know you will never be able to trust another man again”
“He / She doesn’t love you just look at what they did”

Trust me we heard all of these things and they are nothing, but lies that are thrown in front of you trying to block the road that God has provided for you through his sacrifice.  Please know this, there is nothing you can do that will remove the love that God has for you and you are NOT alone.

If you are a man who is struggling and needs some guidance please visit a Higher Calling.  This is a group that will help you on your way to recovery.  Tell someone and get accountability right away.  This sin is like no other and you will need someone who is fighting for you and holding you accountable.

If you are a wife who is in need of healing from your spouse’s struggles please visit Partners for Purity.  This is a group who understands what you are going through and offer great resources and advice to help you heal and move in a direction to help your spouse as well.

Brian & Darcy