It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for this blog. Why? Because I’ve been busy of course. You know busy right? Apparently, we’re all busy today, super-busy in fact so busy we can’t get everything or maybe anything done.

I’m in my third year at University getting my Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies taking courses in Hermeneutics, Theology, Old Testament; plus, I’ve getting ready for my wedding in August – so, ya, I think I’m legitimately busy. But, I waste a lot of time too. What do I do in that lost time? Who knows? Let’s face it, most of us don’t really know what we do all day but if we’re honest, we know we waste a lot of time doing unimportant things. Thankfully, due to the accountability software I no longer fill my time with useless porn viewing. The desires are still there though, I still feel the urges and I struggle with masturbation.

Cutting off one source of sexual imagery doesn’t make the urges disappear. If you still have the inner wounds that make you desire such things the pressure will build until you provide it an outlet: appropriate or not. It could be a music video, a lingerie ad, or the attractive secretary in your office, but your brain will find the necessary stimulus to fulfill it’s need.

With busyness of course often comes stress and fatigue, two of the prime triggers that lead you to give into your sinful desires. Pay attention to your schedule and your body. Do you feel tired? Do you feel under a lot of stress? These are indications that its time engage your emergency plan.

Emergency plan? Yes, you need one if you don’t have one. An emergency plan is a well thought out plan of what you will do when you recognize that you are in danger. Perhaps it’s a person you can call to talk to or pray with on virtually a moments notice. Maybe its just the recognition that you need to leave your current physical location and go where there are people.

No plan can really meet every possible scenario but you need to make a concerted effort to try. So, grab a yellow pad and think about where you are when you cross the line into sin and figure out what you can do, in practical ways, to flee, to runaway, to evade the attack.