I have a problem. I hate even writing that out but I know it’s true. Not even like the deep-down-in-my-gut kind of true. It’s right at the top. I know that every day, most days more often than I even think through, I fight the temptation to look at pornography. I haven’t looked at anything provocative in a long time and, still, I know I have a problem.

Do you have a problem? Maybe even being asked that you might sit back in your computer chair thinking “who is this guy to ask me about my life?” You’d be right to ask. But, since I still have your attention… do you? Does porn or masturbation have your life in a rut you can’t get out of? Feel like you can’t stop, even though you’ve tried? Well, maybe you have a problem with this difficult addiction too. Maybe you’re doing really well but always have to be on your guard. Maybe you’re not sure what fighting this looks like but just want to start turning things around. Perhaps the best place to start when sin enters the picture is to humbly admit that there is a problem.

Wouldn’t it just be lame if it all ended with admitting that there is a problem without saying there is a solution? Who will save us from the effects of this stuff that’s contaminated our view of men and women, sex and romance? Praise God- Jesus Christ came not to condemn but to save (John 3:16-17). Consider this: God knew about our problems with sin and chose to save us regardless. Wow. Hallelujah!

But. Wait. There is still the here and now. Though the Spirit does help give us strength to fight our addictions, we need to participate in the development of our faith and fight alongside Him. Part of that means that while we may wish that things were all cleared up and sin was no longer an issue, we have to admit that problems still exist. It’s not the easiest thing to do and it gets even harder when you consider that God doesn’t just want you to admit your problems privately. He wants us to work out our problems within the Church, confessing our problems, all of our messiness, and accepting the fact that we are not going to be completely washed till He calls us home or comes again. Till then, we will sin and deal with brokenness every day. The Church provides a place where known brokenness and the need to repent doesn’t deny or delay membership but is an invitation in itself into the Body of Christ. Seek out the people in your church you feel can be faithful supporters of your faith- the good and bad, the joys and the hard times.

We all have a problem. It exists at different levels and probably doesn’t come as a huge shock if you’re at this site. We’re prown to wander from God, sin rebelliously and even accidentally. What makes sin powerful is when we deny it in our lives and try to walk through life without the need of a Savior. We have a problem. Let’s acknowledge it and move on, not dwelling on it but instead focusing on something that is much, much more exciting to think about: God came knowing our problems, saved us anyways through Jesus, and now in His Spirit has given us the power to put sin to death- even today.

Praise God, who provided a great, beautiful answer to all our problems with sin.