Symptoms of Sex Addiction

There are unmistakable symptoms of sex addiction. This is not a question that is up for debate. Sex addiction symptoms are real and identifiable, and if you’re wondering whether you or someone you love is exhibiting them, we’ve identified three of the many symptoms of sex addiction below.

Sex Addiction Symptoms #1: Anonymous activity

Do you find that you’re hooking up with people without really knowing who they are? Or caring that they know who you are? If you’re just going for it with random people, anonymously, then you may be dealing with a sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Symptoms #2: Frequent activity

Do you tend to engage in sexual activity frequently, and with multiple partners? Frequent sex among married couples is one thing; frequent sex outside of marriage, and with more than one committed partner, is something else and could be one of your symptoms of sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Symptoms #3: Casual or meaningless activity

Are you hooking up with people casually or without any real connection? It could be with someone you know or even a friend, but if there’s no intimacy in the sex but is rather just mere physical pleasure, then you could be showing more symptoms of sex addiction.

Now, these three are not the ONLY symptoms of sex addiction, however. If you truly wonder whether you or someone you love is dealing with sex addiction, take our free sex addiction test.

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