We are excited for the weekend, but more so, we’re excited that this weekend, Bella Veritas Productions, a Nashville based non-profit film company, releases their newest film 10 Seconds. This film sheds light on the humanity and depravity of sex addiction as it relates to the demand of human trafficking. However, rather than sound the call of rounding up the guilty, 10 Seconds inspires a response of brokenness and courageous compassion. When faced with slavery from both sides of addiction and trafficked girls, 10 Seconds viewers see how both victims must be free.

Be sure to check out 10 Seconds! The vision behind it is to inspire its viewers. For those who are bound by sex addiction, we hope that this film will be a catalyst for you to seek help, accountability and lasting change. And for those who want to be involved in abolishing human trafficking, the project is a call to partner with organizations that are on the front lines (like us!). For every download made through this website XXXchurch receives a portion of the proceeds. So in supporting this film that inspires people to seek help and seek involvement, you’re supporting XXXchurch, too!