x3 watch-blog-social-post-blogspot-v2Did you check out the last post with ten things you may not know about X3watch?

Here are ten more:

1. In 2014, we spent over $700,000 re-investing in the X3watch technologies, rebuilding it from the ground up so that it will be as solid as ever.

2. X3watch is the only online accountability software for pornography that offers a FREE version to stay accountable. (Tweet This!) We have 25 users of our FREE version of X3watch for every 1 premium subscriber.

3. Confused about what exactly is a “premium subscriber”? Yes, we have a paid version of X3watch called X3watch Premium, and it does a lot more than the free version.

4. Premium helps fund over a third of all of the ministries and efforts of XXXchurch.com. Yep! You read that correctly. X3watch donates 50 cents of every dollar of revenue (not profit) back to our ongoing work to raise awareness, prevention, and recovery for those struggling with pornography and sex addictions.

5. X3watch is the ONLY internet accountability software that works across all the major platforms with just one account.

6. X3watch is an iOS browser. Yes, we’d love for it to work “behind the scenes” on iOS (iPad, iPhones, iPods) just as it does on Mac, PC, and Android devices! BUT, right now Apple just doesn’t allow for that level of cooperative integration between apps at this time. In 2015 we are scheduled to release new updates to both the iOS version and the Android version of X3watch.

7. X3watch OVER-BLOCKS (over reports) on some websites. What does this mean? Sometimes you and your accountability partners receive notifications alerting you to potentially pornographic websites, when in fact they are not. We are working very diligently to remedy this issue. On the plus side, we think it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to online accountability. (Tweet This!)

8. As a user of X3watch, you can now easily help us improve the accuracy of our filter. On every accountability report, you can either verify a link as porn or you can report a listed site as being an error (not actually porn). This data makes its way into our system and ultimately improves the filter.

9. Every 4-6 weeks we release updates to X3watch. Most of the updates to X3watch come to you via our servers and directly improve your experience as a user. Whenever a new update is available for your desktop computers, you can find it at X3watch.com/download

10. We have expanded the testing of X3watch to include a skilled team of volunteer Beta testers. Each volunteer is working side-by-side with our Support and Development teams to improve the quality of the X3watch offerings and to add valuable insights into how to make X3watch the very best accountability software in the universe. Interested? Go here.



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