x3 watch-blog-social-post-blogspot-v3aWhen X3watch first launched, we filtered and blocked only a very limited number of known porn sites; now X3watch checks hundreds of thousands of new sites per month. We’re constantly working to analyze, improve, and expand our porn filter and index data, and you can help us improve our services by telling us about what we call “false positives,” or sites that shouldn’t have been filtered or blocked. Just click the link next to that site in your weekly accountability reports.

And now, 10 areas of X3watch where we’d like to do better. There’s lots of jargon in here, so tech people, rejoice! This blog’s for you:

1. Decrease blocking, increase accountability.

2. Improve filtering at the application layer in the Internet Protocol suite, especially HTTPS encrypted website content and search engine results.

3. Improved functionality for streams and media.

4. Site or image scoring based on more advanced techniques, such as utilizing pixel analysis and third party indexes, with human feedback through something like Amazon Mechanical Turk to help us improve metrics.

5. Better accountability reports: timely, meaningful information with less junk to filter through to improve the overall experience.

6. Automatically updated when a new version of client is available, easily downloaded and upgraded for easier integration with the end user.

7. Simpler user interface and a more mobile-friendly layout.

8. Improved install experience with no reboots/issues, less setup, and greater compatibility with other software and more devices.

9. More control over filter and notifications behavior, turning it up/down, allowing partners to change the way they are notified.

10. Growing and sharpening our team. X3watch developers are a lean, collaborative organization, spread around the globe, and we run open source for X3watch services in the cloud (Ruby on Rails, Nginx, Postgresql).



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