We continue to celebrate 10 years. Read the first 10 year post from Ginny here.

Ten years ago we would have never dreamed of all that God was going to do. So… we need to celebrate! We need to give thanks for all God has done and anticipate all He will continue to do. We have been busy planning and preparing a time to do this. We have already invited about thirty-five of our most committed supporters, activists and champions for a weekend of celebration, June 8-10, 2012 in San Diego, CA.

We have 3 more VIP invitations to this incredible weekend in San Diego that we are giving away to our most passionate online supporters. YOU can win the chance to be one of our VIP guests!


Start a fundraising page here on our new myXXXchurch.com site. And then start fundraising. 

The winners will be chosen on May 5, 2012 in 3 different ways… 

1. The person who raises the most money

2. The person who receives the most individual donations (gets the most people involved).

3. A randomly selected winner from a list of the top 10 most creative campaigns.

So… get going today!


Email them to: [email protected]

Be a part of this special occasion, reveling with us in the work that has been done and supporting the new work that will be accomplished in the next 10 years!