January 9, 2002 was the beginning of XXXchurch. It all started in Vegas at the AVN Adult Expo. If you are unfamiliar with that story you can read the original LA Times article about it on their website

We head back to the same show in Vegas on January 18th this year. We are not just celebrating our ten year anniversary this week but will celebrate all year. 

Over the next week, we will let you know about our celebration we are planning for June of this year and how you can be a part of it.  We will also let you know about MyXXXchurch.com as well.

Over the next year, we will share with you different stories from people that have been a part of XXXchurch over the years. 

The first is from Ginny Spier. I do think God’s hand has been on this ministry over the years. I think we have worked extremely hard and had some incredible people on our team but I believe a lot of the success of this ministry is because of the prayer that goes before what we do. Meet Ginny Spier…

“When XXXchurch was first established, Craig and co-founder Mike Foster were getting ready to go on a trip to the red light district of Amsterdam to see first hand the effects of porn, and I happened to be at their church when they were getting ready to go to the airport. As I was saying good-bye to them, I was overcome with the feeling that they really needed to be covered in prayer because they were walking right into Satan’s territory. I talked to Mike about my feelings and asked him if he had people praying for them while they were gone.  He assured me that they did, but upon returning, realized a more organized group of people praying for them might be needed, and asked me if I was willing to put something together. I sent out an email explaining what I was wanting to do, and received an overwhelming number of people willing to pray for the ministry of XXXchurch. The prayer team was born.

Today we have 262 wonderful people praying for us. I send out requests every month that Craig sends to me, via email, and our prayer team prays faithfully for XXXchurch during the month. Then the next month the process starts all over again with new requests. 

I receive so many emails from my pray-ers about how much XXXchurch has helped them, or helped a family member, and how they are so thankful to be able to pray for this ministry.

God has honored those prayers and now, after 10 years,  XXXchurch has grown into the ministry it is today.”

Want to join the prayer team? Hit up [email protected]