I have asked several people that are involved with XXXchurch to write a little something that I can share on the site as we celebrate our 10 years. The previous 10 year post about giving you can read here.

Matt Shatto was one of the first people I met after moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We connected despite of his love for the Indianapolis Colts. He has served on the board of directors since 2007 and asked him to share a little bit about his role and passion behind serving in this ministry.

My first engagement with XXXchurch was born initially out of friendship, but since then my board involvement has greatly grown and taken me many different places: the porn debate green rooms with day old deli platters, conferences with NFL athletes, too many hotel beds shared with other board members, and many places in between. Each of these places presented different tasks along the way; however, over the past five years, the relationships are the reason I continue to stay involved. Rather than focusing on programs or projects, I am excited XXXchurch continues to focus on people. I love where these people have taken the ministry and the ministry’s desire to put ourselves in the places where Jesus went. Going to both the sanctuaries and the slums, to the rich and the poor, to the polished and the untidy, to the humble and the hypocrites.

Porn isn’t the most popular and mainstream of purposes, but almost daily something reminds me of the importance of what XXXchurch is doing. When I hear of another marriage being threatened by porn, see the magazine covers at an airport kiosk, or see my kids sitting at the computer, I am motivated to continue to provide leadership to the ministry. The conference calls, budget meetings, fundraising, and all the board meeting minutes matter in light of all the lives that are affected by porn. And, as we preach it to others, we are personally reminded our most important responsibility. Our accountability as a board, the accountability of the staff, our accountability to our donors, and our accountability to the Lord remain a main focus.

As a member of the board of directors, I am especially excited about the next ten years. We’ve made significant progress in the foundation and structure of the ministry. We’ve deepened our relationship as a board. We’ve been given greater influence, voice, and opportunities, and we still feel there is more in store. Considering all these things, I’m excited, grateful, and humble to be a little part of what XXXchurch is doing.