I wanted to share with you two great posts from the Internet in case you missed it. Now if you are 12 or twenty and single with no kids then you won’t like either of these but as a dad of two kids under 10 and someone who is just 3 years off from the big 40, I liked both of these.

#1. This comes from Anne Miller who is a friend of XXXchurch. She filmed a video for us years back and has been very open about pornography. This post is amazing. It is called Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex

#2. This comes from Carlos Whitaker and has some great take aways for those of us who are approaching 40 or heck.. there is a lot in here no matter what age you are turning next.  40 Thoughts On The Final Day Of My 30′s. An Open Letter To Carlos

That’s all I got for you today. I hope you are have a great day.