A few days ago I posted 26 Reasons to Stop Looking at Porn, written and compiled by our friend Jay Dennis.

What I had posted was the reasons and now we’re going to spend the next couple blogs giving you the twenty six principles ( A to Z) for battling porn. But first, check out this introduction from Jay:

This is an A to Z guide to help you battle and win the struggle to view pornography. Whether you are tempted to look at porn; struggle with viewing porn on a regular basis; or are addicted to porn you can experience freedom. Breaking free is a painful process, but the feeling of freedom, peace, and happiness is far greater than the momentary rush of viewing pornography. Guilt-free is the greatest high you can experience!

There is nothing easy about overcoming a struggle with pornography. These twenty-six (A to Z) principles require a passionate, daily commitment on your part.  With God’s power and the help of others, you can live porn free.  The porn struggle is not something you can battle once and never have to battle again.  Does the struggle get easier?  I believe if you continue to act on these principles you will get stronger in your resolve to say “No” to viewing pornography. However, you can never let down your guard.  Chains are just a click or look away.

I invite you right now to begin putting these principles to work in your life.

We’re really looking forward to expanding on all of these with you over the next few days!

Check back for more!