These past few days, I was at Central Assembly Church in
Springfield, MO, Baylor University in Waco, TX, and Asbury Seminary in
Kentucky. My friend Jamie from has been hanging out with me for the past week or so. He is written an
amazing story based on his experience with a girl named Renee and now
is in the process of starting a ministry. Anyways, the trip was good,
lots of speaking. The highlight…Dr. Pepper Museum.

That is right, for all you who do not know Dr. Pepper started in
Waco, TX. Jamie is probably the biggest Pepper fan I have known and the
Lord knows that and it was no accident we were in Waco on Monday.

$3 bucks is all you need to get in the museum. You can spend all
day, well probably not, but at least a few minutes checking things out.
You can buy the original Dr. Pepper made with pure can sugar only in
Texas. Jamie is seen hear sucking down the original blend.


I loved it that they showed all the wannabe Dr. Peppers at the museum.


All in all, a great 30 minutes spent at the museum. Jamie bought
matching shirts for his girlfriend and him. I bought my wife a Dr.
Pepper cookbook and the kids some Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies.

If you are ever in Waco, stop in, it just might change your life.