Webinar-Shaunti-FeldhanThis week we’ve been talking great sex. Well, more specifically, great sex in marriage. If you haven’t seen my latest post, check it out now. I really believe the seven things I share with you are going to help your sex life with your spouse immensely.

That being said, if a great marriage were only about great sex then things would be simple (Tweet This!). However, we know that great sex is only part of having a great marriage. There are many other things that factor in. Here are 3 quick things that can get in the way if we don’t get them right.

1. Failure to recognize each other’s insecurities – It’s simple. Men and women differ greatly when it comes to what they struggle with in terms of their insecurities. We need to know what makes our spouse feel secure so we can provide that in the marriage and make each other feel “safe.”

2. Failure to understand each other’s needs – Here’s the problem. Men and women need different things and for some reason we have a real hard time letting each other know what those things are. Maybe it’s a bit of pride or a lack of communication; but relationships are much better when each person is meeting the real needs of their spouse without having to be told all the time.

3. Failure to recognize how each other understands physical intimacy – Like I said in this week’s blog, married couples need to be having great sex. However, men and women often oversimplify how the other one views sex causing tension in the relationship. The truth is men and women understand physical intimacy very differently. Once you understand that maybe you can spend more time having great sex and less time arguing over it.

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