For some people the word “missions” invokes thoughts of long distance travel, foreign people, foreign lands, and the like. When someone says, “Hey will you support me on my missions trip to a porn show” it’s not too uncommon to get a perplexed look in response.  After all, the idea of doing “missions” at a porn show just doesn’t line up with one’s traditional perspective. It’s not “the norm” to say the least.

However, at XXXchurch we’ve been doing missions in these very environments and venues for over ten years. It all started with a trip in 2002 to the most well known porn convention on the planet, the AVN Expo (or Adult Video News Expo). Me, my wife and few friends showed up with a couch, a banner, some donated pink Bibles, and a simple message … Jesus Loves You.

Our thought was simple. Jesus loves everyone so everyone should know that. There were plenty of people out there telling people that “Jesus loves them” in church but none in the porn conventions. We wanted to change that. We had no idea what to expect and wouldn’t have been surprised if we were asked to leave the first day but you know what? We weren’t asked to leave. In fact, we were asked if we’d come back!

Since then XXXchurch has shown up at nearly 100 adult conventions and handed out over a quarter million Bibles. We show up every year. And while the banners have been improved, the Bibles have gotten some great new looks, and the teams have changed, the message continues to be the same. Jesus loves you.

If you are interested in joining us on an upcoming trip we have some great opportunities that we’d love for you dive into.

We are looking for:
•    Men (specifically) to serve with us in Ft Lauderdale.
•    Men or women to help in Chicago (only a few spots available)
•    Men and women who want to take the Gospel to Australia in August

Watch this brand new video that explains what we mean by Jesus Loves Porn Stars (Tweet This) and why we think the term “missions” needs some revision.


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