If you read my last post about heartsupport.com you know that we have a site that just launched dealing with other addictions. We are in need of a few voices.

Have you ever been addicted to something?

Are you in a place of recovery in your journey with addictions?

Would you be interested in blogging about your recovery journey once per month?

heartsupport is looking for people who have walked through struggles with addictions and have come out on the other side with wisdom and support to share with those who are still in the “trenches” of their struggle.

We are looking for people who can speak specifically in these areas:

Food addiction [including over-eating, under-eating, binging, purging, crash dieting, etc.]

Money Addiction [including compulsive spending, shopping addiction, gambling addiction and debtaholics.]

Substance abuse [including anything from smoking to illicit drug use and everything in between.]

Internet [Including social networking addiction, online gaming addiction, etc.]

Sex Addiction [including both porn addiction and sex addiction in it’s various manifestations.]

If you have struggled with any of these, and feel as if you have something to share with those who are currently struggling with these issues, please contact Krissee [[email protected]] for more information!