I thought I would post something about Hollywood entertainment. I
really love movies. I don’t have cable television in my house so I am a
Netflix junkie and I try to get out to the movies as often as I can. I
checked out the supposed summer blockbuster “War of the Worlds” last
week. This is supposedly one of the most expensive movies ever made and
obviously having Spielberg and Cruise work on the film should make this
a pretty darn good flick. At least you would think. Boy was I
disappointed. Boring. Dark. Depressing. And ultimately just plain

I’m not going to go into all the things that sucked about this film
and detail all the the things that were wrong with it. I will say this.
If you’re looking to see a great film, and I mean great, go see
Cinderella Man. This is film making at it’s best in my opinion. I still
can’t figure out why people aren’t going to see this movie. Crowe is a
jerk but he has got to be one of the best actors in Hollywood right
now. He should get an Oscar nomination for sure. The story is powerful.
The fight scenes smokin hot. And the themes presented are inspirational
and moving.

So that’s it for my little movie review. Now back to fighting the porn battle  . M.