A question we hear often from people struggling with pornography is “Can you help keep me accountable?”  Sounds like a reasonable request … right?  Wrong.  See no one can “keep” you accountable but yourself.  You need to make the decision for accountability in the first place.  You need to download and install accountability software like X3watchYou need to seek out and secure personal accountability partners.  You need to join an accountability or recovery group.  And lastly, you need to be continually honest with those holding you accountable about your struggles and slip ups.  See, “I” can hold you accountable, but only “you” can keep yourself accountable.  

We have a great feature on the website called the Letters Project.  With this project you are given the opportunity to write yourself two letters. One letter is written to you, the sex addict, and the other from you, the sex addict. Use these letter as a form of accountability.  Hold yourself to some promises and commitments like downloading and utilizing accountability software or joing a recovery group.  Once you have finished your letters, include your email address and reminder date so we can send your letters to you in the future. These letters become great reminders of why we must continue in our sobriety.  Try it out and start being accountable to yourself because accountability always starts with you.