Merry Christmas from all of us here at XXXchurch!

Thanks to so many of you who gave, we were able to take on 23 families this year for Christmas.

This Christmas, we wanted to do something special and more personal for some of the women we’ve built relationships with this year. You see, the holidays can be a really tough time of year for the women we reach out to, and we wanted to do all we could to make it brighter! Thats why we launched our first ever Adopt-A-Family Christmas Initiative. We asked our supporters if they would partner with us in adopting 20 hand-picked women and their children to bless with a christmas full of gifts, hope and love.

We had such a phenominal response that we actually exceeded our goal! 23 people partnered with us this Christmas and we were able to purchase over 120 gifts!! We took each childs wish list and shopped for hours picking out specific things we knew they would love. From princess dress up clothes, to star wars legos we had our carts full of toys for each family. We had a wrapping party at my house and spent an entire day wrapping each gift individually so kids would have lots to open, and we even tied extra stickers, mini footballs, and lipglosses to the tops just to give the extra excitement of each gift 🙂

On the day of delivery it was pouring rain, but that didn’t stop us! We filled our version of santas sleigh (a white SUV thanks to Tommy & Krystal) full of gifts and spent 12 hours hand delivering them to each home! We got some amazing responses as kids ran and hugged us yelling “its Chrimsas!”, moms crying tears of joy, and some polite hand shakes from the sweet older kids! It was truly an experience I’ll never forget!! Thank-you so much to everyone who partnered with us this year. Whether you sponsored a specific family, helped us shop for or wrap gifts, or simply prayed for us, we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you! Thank-you personally from the bottom of my heart for helping us create joy, peace and hope this Christmas! It is truly an experience I will never forget!

Much Love to you all & a Very Merry Christmas =)