All I want for Mother’s Day is… an affair? According to an article on cheating and Mother’s Day that I read today on, thousands of women evidently think they do. Here is the first half of the article:

A large dating website for married people, tells momlogic exclusively that Mother’s Day is the second-busiest day of the year for female member signups.

On a typical Monday, between 2,500 and 3,000 women join. But on the day after Mother’s Day last year, they  saw close to 24,000 new signups. They anticipate that 30,000 women will join this year on May 10 — the day after Mother’s Day.

This “day after” trend is nothing new: Their biggest day of the year for female signups is the day after Valentine’s Day, and their third-biggest day is the day after New Year’s.

Why are holidays like these such turning points for women? Noel Biderman, president and founder says, “Because they have expectations — expectations that their partnership will be celebrated and even romanticized — but that is often not what transpires ….”

Biderman (a married father of two) believes there are several reasons why women turn to these  after Mother’s Day in particular:

On Mother’s Day, women in general expect to be celebrated by their partners. However, for many already suffering from a lack of appreciation, this day represents a continuation of neglect and disappointment.

Women have affairs for different reasons than men. Whereas men are usually looking for sex, women tend to seek attention that they’re not getting at home. This lack of attention often makes them feel undesirable — and feeds their need for validation.

While I have a few thoughts about Mr. Biderman and his website, I can’t argue with his logical explanation about what women need from their husbands. We need to be celebrated, appreciated, desired, and validated. He’s right on.

This article leaves me with one thought for all of the husbands reading this: “Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it”  – Ephesians 5:25

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