Allie, a young woman in her 20’s lived in a metropolitan city alone and to supplement her income entered into  prostitution where she found herself abused night after night.  Here is what she told us:

“I got pregnant and wound up having an abortion. I had a few pregnancy scares in the past and this was the last straw.  This pregnancy was a result of being raped by a man who had bought me for two hours.  I had been raped two other times prior to this while prostituting myself.  I couldn’t bring a baby conceived like that into the world and had the abortion despite being raised in church (my dad has been a pastor since I was a little girl).  The guilt became too much.  The rapes and ultimate pregnancy made me stop prostituting myself.”

Lonely, tired and scared Allie reached out to us and through your donations we were able to help Allie get caught up with her utilities, her car insurance so she could re-tag her vehicle to begin seeking out legitimate work.  We also connected Allie with Shellie R. Warren who has a testimony of redemption and healing after several abortions.  Allie not only regained legitimate employment but she joined a church and receives weekly counseling from her pastor and his wife.   Allie is very dear to Michelle’s heart and they have remained in touch.  Unfortunately Allie has been battling a medical condition and could use your prayers.   She is taken care of and maintaining her relationship with God, her pastor, his wife and her church family.