Am I A Sex Addict or Porn Addict?

1. Have you engaged in sexual behaviors that you wish you could stop?

2. Do you feel abnormally driven by your sexual drive?

3. Have you been in relationships just for sex?

4. Has masturbation been ongoing even after marriage?

5. Have you continued to use pornography after entering a long term committed sexual relationship?

6. Does your sexuality seem to be dragging down your personal potential?

7. Do you find that you spend a significant amount of time viewing pornography or grooming others for sexual encounters?

8. Have you experienced an unwanted sexual encounter during childhood or adolescence?

9. Has monogamous sex grown to be boring?


To score yourself give yourself one point for each yes indicating symptoms of  addiction and read the recommendations below.

1-3 points: It does not seem that you are presently an active sexual addict. If your concern continues, we recommend that you get more information from the recommended books, media, and organization links on this site.

 Download today to get accountable at least.

4-6 points: It seems that you may be struggling in the area of sexual addiction. Your first step would be to gather further information. Get books from our recommendations. If you want more practical techniques for your behavior, check out and

7-9 points: You are probably sexually addicted. It’s recommended that you:
a) Start X3pure today or enroll in the Every Mans’s Battle weekend workshop.
b)  Seek professional help; here are some counseling resources.


This test was developed by Jayson Graves, M. MFT., Sexual Addiction Specialist and Therapist. For more help and information, visit his website (Healing for the Soul)