Who’s Jesus?

Seems like a simple enough question and answer. But it’s pretty clear to me, after watching the documentary American Jesus, that many people (specifically Christians) see Jesus quite differently.

I don’t know how you see Jesus or communicate his message, but I can tell you this. I believe our perspective often limits the way we share and talk about Jesus in the church today (Tweet This!).

Maybe you think Jesus is someone you meet only after you get straightened out and “right” with God.

Possibly you feel that the greatest way to connect with Jesus is in a crowded mega-church during “worship” or at a small group.

Perhaps your idea of “outreach” is inviting someone to Sunday service every week.

Or maybe Jesus is someone you best experience under a bridge feeding the homeless, with a few friends surfing, or over a beer and some wings with two guys that run the largest porn convention in the country while you communicate his simple message of love.

Personally, I think Jesus and his message is bigger than four walls (Tweet This!).

I think the way we share him isn’t limited by some book or evangelism 1-2-3 process.

I don’t think Jesus is so much concerned about how we share him; just that we share him.

And honestly, at the end of day, I believe that Jesus doesn’t really care about where we connect with him as long as we are connecting with him.

Regardless, all I’m going to say about the film American Jesus is this. You should watch it.

It will definitely make you think and it really raises some great questions that are sure to lead to meaningful conversations. Go into the film with an open mind. This isn’t your typical documentary with some sort of hidden agenda or message. It’s just a really honest look at the very diverse (and often times absurd) world of American Christianity.

Watch the trailer below and ask yourself … who’s your Jesus?



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