Yesterday was out of control. It was the first of a few debates with Ron Jeremy.
This was taking place at Northeastern University in Boston. I arrived at the
hotel and met with Ron in the lobby and headed to the school. We arrived at
the school and were told that this was the most popular student event to date.
They were at full capacity (1100) in the auditorium and had to turn away hundreds
of people. The format is pretty simple. I speak for 12 minutes. Ron speaks
for 12 minutes and then the floor is open to question and answers. They introduced
me and I received a few cheers and a whole lot of boo’s.

Then they introduced Ron. Most people attending the debate, early 20’s. Ron
is in his 50’s. Ron essentially was doing porn for 10 years before any of these
kids were born.  Think about it… Ron Jeremy has survived all these years
because he has made sex,a get it when you can don’t worry about the consequences
type of sex style…  The students love it. They cheered when he talked
about ejaculating on girl’s faces, or multiple partners or the freedom
to have sex with as many girls as you can. He entered and exited this debate
a hero. From standing ovations to pledges of loyalty, Ron had this young audience
captivated. He is iconic, hero status to a generation who has grown up on porn.  Ron
didn’t need to educate these kids. They knew his films; they knew the positions,
the girls the sex subplots

So, who won the debate? Of course I am going to tell you that I did. I don’t
think Ron really believes in his industry and agrees with all that it stands
for and I believe that shows. Ron does these debates all over the U.S. and
said this was the rowdiest one yet. Oh, I almost forgot the 2 streakers that
bared it all. One female and one male college student ran through the auditorium
completely naked during the question and answers.

Out of the 12 or so questions that were received from the students, it seemed
like at least 10 of them were for me. Ron is their hero, but yet something
I said struck a nerve with most of these students that they wanted to go after
me with their questions. As you can imagine most of the questions were not
the friendliest.

After the debate we had a meet and great with the college students. Well,
it was a meet Ron Jeremy and ya… Craig is standing there to if you would
like to say something or punch him in the face.

The 4 cops never left our side. We talked with people for 2 hours plus. Some
students waited hours to meet him after the debate only to have him sign a
breast or a bra then get a picture with a porn legend. To Ron’s credit he is
a great guy, very personable. He gets these kids topay his bills and everyone
he meets he gives his full attention. I couldn’t help but notice the looks
of awe from the guys and the need for his attention from the girls. Most will
say a successful night over all, most will say they meet a legend who has slept
with over 4,000 women and has done over 1800 adult films and they did. Is there
a bottom line, yeah… They love Ron Jeremy.

I did have 1 fan. A guy named Brian from a local ministry came sporting his shirt. There were actually a few fans in the crowd, which was

When it was all said and done, it really was just getting started. We took
a cab back to the hotel and headed to dinner. This was strange. I was eating
dinner with Ron Jeremy at the Longwood Grill. We had a great time talking about
life, God, Heaven, Hell, porn, porn, some more porn, the debate, marriage,
kids and just about everything else. 2am came quickly and we headed to bed.
Ron’s plane left this morning at 6am and I headed to Devon Federal Prison
to drop Bill
off there for the next 63 months
. Strange 24 hours. I cant’even begin
to write about that. More to come later.

We shot video of the whole debate as well as video from jail this morning
with Bill. Stay tune for all that, I promise. Ron Jeremy will be on this week’s
podcast. Ron and I will go at it again on May 10th at the University
of Cincinnati.