Ann’s story is one of the saddest I have heard.   Ann’s own father sold her into the sex trade when she was just six years old.  Ann became a sexual toy to men, women and “groups” as she called them.  This was the only life she knew until she broke away as a teenager only to end up marketing and selling herself. This is what she writes:

“I started my training to go into the industry when my father sold me into a pedophile ring when I was 6, growing up I was with so many people I can’t remember all their faces it didn’t matter if they where men, women or groups of people, I have been taught from 6yrs old that this was my calling in life.  As I got older I was able to break away and I started working for myself when I moved away from my parents but I have gotten to a point where I don’t want to be like this anymore everytime I’m with someone a part of me dies and now i’m at the point where i feel dead inside.  I just want to be free to be like everyone else…

I recently became a christian but I haven’t found a church yet and I constantly feel like i’m being judged like people know what I am when I was younger. I hope you can help me or direct me to someone who can I know your in America and I’m in Ausralia but i hope that maybe by writing to you you can maybe point me to some help here.
I can’t be like this anymore.

As you read, Ann contacted us from Australia.  While I (Michelle) was concerned that our ability to help her was going to be limited by distance, God reminded me quickly that He owns the world and all the resources in it. You see, several years earlier I built a speaking tour for Craig that included London, Paris, Ireland and then onto Australia and New Zealand.  While in those places, Craig and our team built relationships with people and other ministries.  Because of this connection we were able to connect Ann with someone right away not only in her own country but right in her town that could take her to church and walk beside her on her road to redemption!!  We also connected Ann with a human sex trafficking organization based out of Australia for more resources and ongoing support.