This year at the AVN Adult Expo was absolutely amazing. Every year is an awesome experience and we always walk away with countless stories of great conversations and relationships that have either been strengthened or initiated, but this year was beyond our expectations.

We had another fantastic team joining us from EastLake Community Church in Seattle. We handed out over 3,000 Bibles and gave away 1,800 “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” T-shirts that we printed right there on the spot. This new wrinkle we introduced to the booth really paid off as it sparked hundreds of new conversations both online and offline.

I could go on for a while but I think the best thing is to let you watch the video and read some of the comments from the team themselves.


 This trip was my sixth trip to Vegas and tenth overall. It never gets boring that’s for sure.  As the group leader along with my wife I get excited about watching our team members bond during the outreach and grow in their ability to share about Jesus on the convention floor.  A new idea we tried this year was to silkscreen “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” shirts directly from the booth. A huge hit with the fans and our booth consistently had a good line leading out of it. This created a great environment to chat with the people about what XXXchurch stood for and provided. I’m looking forward to my seventh year.” 

Jerome H., (Team Leader)

This was my sixth year at the AVN. In that time I have been able to make friendships with people. Consistently showing up each year has caused some people to lower their defenses. I was able to have deeper conversations this year than ever before, and I was even invited to have dinner with one of the girls after the show.”

Leslie H. (Team Leader)

I am so grateful for the chance to go to AVN with XXXChurch for the 2nd year. Our team from EastLake is absolutely a blessing to be a part of. Not only are we working to benefit those in the porn community, but also our team attitude really is a great opportunity to be a part of. It was hard work, emotionally taxing, but incredible all at the same time. I loved that our team was there for each other. I had a day where my back was hurting, and I couldn’t participate in the way I had been planning to. But the team accommodated my physical needs and allowed me to still help out and I was so grateful! I’m so happy to be a part of the XXXchurch volunteer team and can’t wait to go back!

Annette S.

Preconceived ideas that I brought with me did not turn out to be the case while at the convention. There was a lot less nudity than I expected there to be at the show. Those that stopped at the booth really seemed open to talking about the mission of the XXXchurch and were friendlier than I had thought they would be. It amazed me that some men had never even heard of porn addiction. Many people provided feedback that we were the best booth at the show with the most important message. I am thankful that I had an opportunity to be a part of reaching out to the exhibitors and attendees of this convention.

Catherine P.

This trip has forever changed me. It was such a great opportunity to get to speak to the girls on the floor or to the men and women that stopped by our booth. To be able to love on them, even if it was just bringing a Sprite to one of the girls who didn’t feel well, was a privilege. I walked in on my first day feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the whole thing. I walked away on my last day seeing everyone as an individual with a new compassion. I’d go back every year just to be able to share Jesus’ love with a crowd who is so hungry for a love only He can fulfill.

Grace L.

This was my third year down to Vegas with XXXchurch. Every year has its similarities, the standard meet and greet with all the fans of the industry. However this year I was able to engage in more meaningful, deeper conversations with not only the fans, but with people who are starring in adult films. It was amazing to see their eyes and hearts open up before you, when they heard there is a loving God who has not cast them aside or written them off. But Jesus, who treasures and loves them as they, without needing to change in order to earn his love. God is amazing, and I’m honored to share his love with the people in the porn industry.”

Jordan M. 

This was my third year back to the AVN in Vegas with my husband.  As soon as I walked into the show on the first day, I was overwhelmed with how much I love the people in that industry. That’s not anything new, I’ve always had a heart for the people there … But I think what was different was how much harder some stuff hit me.  If anything, my experience this year at the AVN made me more aware of how much I need to be praying for people in the industry and for the consumers and their families.”

– Natalie M.

Loved being back this 2nd year. I was reminded, as we left the airport, that we are participating in an abnormal mission effort. Not many people fly to Las Vegas, pay to attend a huge porn show, and push through “Christian” stereotypes to tell people that Jesus loves them. We aren’t well received by everybody at the show; some people don’t want to talk to us. Some do, most people don’t even have Jesus on their radar, walking into the AVN show. But we did, and we wanted everyone to know that. Great trip!

Darin H.

Being at the show, you share your story, your faith, and God’s love more in a couple hours then the rest of the year. Its crazy but that’s the reality. At the show I feel like I’m actually living like Jesus. Sharing his love for people where they are. It’s that moment when sharing with someone and you see hope come into there eyes. Hope that they have needed. It’s seeing a seed I plant get watered immediately by God. The seed of giving a sticker, book, or T-shirt that might be the little thing on their journey to find God. A sign they might not have known they were looking for.

Sean F.