Sex Scandal

Recently the Huffington Post put out a list of the top ten most notorious teacher sex scandals of 2013. They referred to this list as the “Dishonor Roll” (catchy, right?). You can check out the entire article here. While I suppose that 10 sex scandals in an entire year out of all the teachers in the United States isn’t really that big of a number statistically, it still surprises me that there were enough teacher sex scandals in one year that one could put together a list of the top ten in the first place. However, what really catches my attention about this list is that 7 of the 10 teachers are women!

Here’s my question, how is it possible that when porn and sex addiction are by in large seen as a male problem that 70% of the sexual offenders in this list of 10 teachers are female? Doesn’t that seem to go against what we’ve come to expect? Are we witnessing a new trend in the making or is it that we are just now seeing evidence of something that has always existed, that sexual brokenness is just as much a problem for women as it is for men? Either way the fact remains, women struggle with sex and porn addiction too.

Here’s another fact, women need help with their addictions just like men. Unfortunately good resources for women are in short supply, especially when it comes to support. The reality is that as shameful as it can feel for a man to struggle with sex addiction or porn it’s that much worse for women because they aren’t expected to have “those types of problems.” This shame consequently keep many women from reaching out and asking for the help they need. However, just because many are influenced by inaccurate stereotypes doesn’t mean you should be … especially if you are a woman wrestling with these matters.

If you are a woman who finds yourself battling with sexual addiction know that you are not alone. There are many women like you all facing the same real problems.  Get help and get support. Check out our X3groups for women where like minded ladies can meet weekly and share their struggles while offering each other the affirmation and love we all need so badly. Set a new personal trend by getting help and rediscovering purity and your purpose. It’s a new year; why not make it the start of a new life.