We conclude the Jesus Loves You tour at the 39th annual Gay Pride Festival in Atlanta this weekend. We have a ton of volunteers coming out from Perimeter Church and Grace Church and are excited to be at this event. Follow us on twitter for updates:

@craigxxxchurch -Craig

@bechange – Jason

@stephenkrose – Stephen

-About the Festival

The Piedmont Park Festival grounds are open on Saturday and Sunday, and
will host the Pride Stages, Marketplace, and a variety of programming.
Use these quick links below to get all your Atlanta Pride Information!

-Jesus Loves the Outcast – October 30-November 1, 2009 – Atlanta Pride Festival, Atlanta, GA.

The authors will be setting up a booth at the Atlanta Pride Festival
with the simple message of “We Are Sorry.” Apologizing for the way
religious people have treated homosexuals will hopefully return a
positive and uplifting response from those participating in the pride