This was our first year in Atlantic City, and it turned out awesome! We had an incredible team of men and women, and we also had the opportunity to host the Hotties Dressing Room. We had 3 women from our Strip Church Network spend time with women working at the convention in the Hotties Room. They built relationships, provided snacks, water, makeup, encouragement, and prayer. In the convention, we handed out over 2,000 Bibles and even more stickers.


Below are some highlights, stories, and experiences from team members:

This was my fourth show with and it proved to be another amazing experience. As team leader, I had the privilege of working with an incredible team of volunteers who brought great energy with them every single time they hit the convention floor. The conversations we had with both entertainers and convention goers were awesome. I personally had several great conversations with many individuals about Jesus and why we were there but the team’s impact as a whole on that show was immeasurable. The Atlantic City show was a tremendous success and I look forward to doing it next year with another all-star team.

-Carl Thomas


Amazing. Seriously, I have a ton of missions experience, foreign and home, and though I have loved them all, there was something extra special about this trip. Three days of being surrounded by darkness and brokenness, and yet knowing that being at the expo was exactly where I needed to be, where I wanted to be, and where I want to continue to be. Being able to tell person after person that Jesus loves them regardless of their baggage, their struggle, their background… Jesus loves them. Period. Jesus intentionally went to people, to their turf, to show them his pure love. His purity, his grace, his love draws people. Yes, I wish everyone this weekend could have known that love, but I know some did. I know some people walked away from eXXXotica wanting more… more than porn, more than sex, more than pleasure… real love that goes deeper and truer than anything. It made the trip worth it beyond what I could comprehend. Jesus loves them, and I am glad he used me to help show them that true, pure love.



I was really excited to serve with my husband on the AC Exxotica team. This was my first show & his fourth. I was fortunate to be able spend some of my time in the Hotties room. It was awesome to simply talk with these amazing women. They appreciated us being there. When they saw me on the floor, they would come over to the booth to talk with me & grab a sticker. I’m thankful for the opportunity to shine light in the dark. I look forward to serving with xxxchurch in the future.