One more month of Summer! We hope everyone is enjoying the summer. We have a few updates to fill you all in on. Here they go:

– The latest episode of is now live. Check it out via Itunes or We had a great time at the Poker show as we unveiled The Strip Church booth for the first time. Lots of things are happening at Strip church so check it all out at

– We have a show coming up for Strip Church at the end of August here in Vegas. It is the Gentleman’s Expo which targets everyone in the strip club industry.

– We have a volunteer meeting in Vegas on August 3rd for anyone wanting to get involved in what we are doing in Vegas.

-Strip ChurchSundays…Coming sooner then we thought to a Vegas Theater near you. More details real soon.

– The Jesus Loves You tour starts August 30th in Topeka, Kansas. Check out all the tour details HERE.

-A new X3 home page is coming at you this month as well as X3watch for Iphone and some great new things with X3pure and a lot of new bloggers on the X3 site so keep reading and enjoy your summer.