I had every intention of blogging every day, but man, this show kept us busy. We passed out more Bibles at this show than I think we have ever done before, easily exceeding 5000! And that’s not even the best of what was accomplished through our time inside the AVN convention. We were really blessed to have such a great team from Eastlake. God was present in the 1,000’s of conversations and connections that we were all able to make. Your prayers were felt and very much appreciated. Check back soon and we will have recaps posted from the team.


The first full day of the show went really well. As I mentioned in the previous blog, Thursday is “industry”day, and we spent our time getting to know other people working at the convention. There were lots of conversations that each of us had with adult business owners, media persons and porn producers about what they do and also about what we ‘do’. Needless to say we handed out some JLPS Bibles, shared God’s unending love and got to know some really great people.

Last night was the second of the two nights where girls from the team went out with our local team to reach out to girls working here in Las Vegas at the strip clubs. As always, it was great to create and sustain relational connections among the girls, the house moms, the bouncers and the managers. You can read more about this work over on

Of course, after a day of intense, interesting and wild conversations it is fun to unwind as a team and get to know each other a little bit better. The ‘team time’ late last night ended up being a great couple of hours spent laughing and singing at a ‘for locals’ karaoke joint. Wow! Seriously, who knew karaoke could be so fun.

Today we are back at AVN with our team from Our focus today is connecting with fans who have paid money to be at the porn show and meet their favorite actresses. Certainly our prayer is that the love of God would be abundantly evident in our interaction…we really want His grace to shine bright. Tonight and Saturday night will be the two busiest times of the weekend.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!



This morning we are heading out to the first day of AVN 2011. Every porn show is a unique experience. Thursday is the “industry only” day, presenting a great chance to meet guys and gals from different sectors of the business: studios, shops, products, actresses, and a variety of vendors and producers.

Already I am pretty stoked about the cool team that has come together for this show. It is our 3rd year partnering with Eastlake Church from Bothel, WA ( Lead by Jerome & Leslie, this team has been preparing for this show over the last 3 months, meeting weekly, praying, planning and raising money. It’s so great to have a local church like them grasp the vision of this outreach and really have the guts to make the sacrifice to be here.

Yesterday the crew landed around 2pm. The girls road to the hotel in style via limo for Leslie’s birthday. As soon as we threw the bags in our rooms we headed to the show to setup. Walking in it was obvious that this year’s convention is taking up a lot less space than in years past. With the booth and bibles ready to go, we took an hour break and then gathered for dinner and training. Mikee and his team from joined up with us for this part of the day. (Read more below about what they are doing at CES)

Included are a few pics from what has already gone on. Keep checking back here for daily updates and of course you can get the latest on the show from twitter – @xxxchurch. As always, be in prayer for the people that we meet and that God’s grace and truth would take hold of lives!






Another cool story line going on this week is what our friends from Ventura, CA our doing over at CES. Over a year ago we cast the vision to Mikee Bridges and his crew from to take on the challenge and opportunity of doing outreach inside that huge convention. They have risen up and have been working hard to make that vision a reality. They will be posting updates and happenings over on their site… Take a look at this really important ministry that they have to gamers.