Three posts in one week that all have the word “Boob” in them. I feel like I am back in 8th grade. This is the last one for a while or at least until I finish this book. The book is called “Bars, Boobs and Busted”.

Years ago.. 2003 actually. I went to the Girls Gone Wild offices to see if we could find areas where we could all agree and cooperate (such as to keep kids away from porn). Nobody gave us the time of day.

We took the rabbit and balloons, Girls Gone Wild was ticked. It was probably not a good time to visit them because they were not doing well in the news. We got through security and to their door. Bill was videotaping. We got in there and one of their reps came out and put his hand to the camera and said, get out of here. We said, we’re just trying to help kids stay away from porn. We hit a dead end.

Ryan Simkin spent years with the Girls Gone Wild company and wrote a tell-all book that the owner, Joe Francis tried fought to keep from getting published. I just started reading this and it is fascinating. Girls Gone Wild disgusts me. They target drunk young college gals and take them onto their bus and offer them tank tops and booty shorts to undress in front of the camera. I am trying to get ahold of Ryan and would love to shoot a video with him for the site at some point. I will give you my recap of the book when done.

At least with porn, everyone knows what they are getting into. What do these girls get? A stupid tank top…