On the site we have this great section called Letters.  Letters is a place where people can write themselves two different letters.  The first is to their addicted self and the other is from their addicted self.  It’s a great exercise for those struggling with sexual addiction.

Many who struggle with sex or porn wrestle with fear … fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, fear or worthlessness, fear of not being able to stop.  Fear paralyzes us where we are at and keeps us trapped in our destructive habits.  Fear is often what hold people back from getting accountable.  The thing about fear is that you can’t escape it unless you admit it.  You need to own up to the fear and recognize that it is an issue you must face.  Write yourself a letter today confessing your fears about addiction and what you plan on doing to break free. 

We all need to break free of fear but it takes courage and brutal honesty to do so.  Get open with yourself and take a huge step towards freedom.