If you’ve never seen us on TV before, this is your lucky week. We
have been complete media whores this week. You will be to catch us on
some different stuff.Here is a run down of what we have booked so far
in case you want to tune in.

Thursday….foxnews the program is called “dayside” at 1pm eastern time Craig will be on live from Fox Studios in New York.

Thursday….Life Today with James Robison airs on tbn, pax, and abc family…check local times in your area or at www.lifetoday.org They also ran a show on us today but it’s too late to watch.

Sunday night…10pm west coast and east coast…on geraldo on foxnews live after we are at willow creek church.

Monday night…CNN on the Paula Zahn show at 8pm. this is a feature
story, they have spent 3 days with us so far and will follow us to
willow creek on sunday.

Newspaper….about 20 plus papers are running stories about Porn Sunday this weekend from all over the states.

Also, if you’re in the Chicago area on Sunday night, come on down
and say hi. We are speaking at Willowcreek and then screening the
documentary “Missionary Positions”