Bouncing My EyesLet me begin by saying I really liked Steven Luff’s post from a few days ago, particularly his idea of Real Change and how a life that relies solely on behavioral techniques like bouncing one’s eyes is not dealing with root causes.

I also like how he says that bouncing eyes can be a way of establishing new thought patterns and giving your brain the space it needs, free from habitual lust, to identify the core issue (often loneliness) that has led to the unwanted habit/addiction. While bouncing your eyes may be useful for a time, it’s a technique based on self-denial and is ultimately unhealthy for the self and well as for those around you. I say a hearty “amen” to all of that!

However, I want to go a bit farther and point out another troubling aspect of techniques like bouncing: they fail to address the problem of objectification. Objectification is basically what happens when you see someone as an object to be possessed or leered at rather than a person fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and thus, inherently worthy of love and respect.

Objectification is a serious problem in our society (Tweet This!), but instead of dealing with that problem, bouncing actually ignores and perpetuates it. In other words, instead of looking at and lusting after someone as an object that exists to satisfy one’s own selfish desires, bouncing outright ignores the other person, which is perhaps even more dehumanizing.

Here’s the thing. God created human bodies as beautiful – worthy of respect and admiration (Tweet This!). That’s the reason why, generation after generation, artists have turned to the human form for inspiration. A person’s beauty matters because it is a gift from God and to ignore and/or deny it is to reject God’s gift.

So then, not only should bouncing only be used as a temporary, initial step towards more healthy, holistic living for one’s self (as Luff stated), but it should also be integrated with a move towards seeing other people as uniquely, beautifully created by God – beauty that can be celebrated and appreciated, not denied and ignored.


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