Many of you often ask the question of “How do I get more involved with Fireproof Ministries? There are multiple ways to go about doing that, but the very best way to get connected with XXXchurch and Fireproof Ministries is our annual fundraiser called Bowlfest. Yes, it helps us keep the lights on and reaching out to folks who need it most, but more than that, it expands our friendships and partnerships around the nation with the people who come out to bowl with us.

It’s a 100 frame Bowl-a-Thon we like to call Bowlfest, located at the VIP Bowling Lanes at Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The date for Bowlfest is April 24th, 2010. You can come for the day or the whole weekend April 23-25th.

This year, to make things a little more interesting, we have decided to turn Bowlfest into an entire weekend event! Not only will you have the chance to bowl with our team and other like-minded individuals, but we will be doing outreaches on the Las Vegas Strip, sharing meals together, and having time set aside to get into the details and pertinent information you are searching for when it comes to Fireproof Ministries. You will have the chance to really catch the vision for what we are looking to do in the near future.

If you don’t like bowling, that’s fine. It’s not like any bowling you’ve experience before. If you don’t like asking people for money, it’s not as hard as you think! You’re just looking for 25 people (or that 1 generous uncle) to support you at a dollar a frame for your bowling efforts. If you bowl 100 frames (and you will!), you will raise $2500 for Fireproof Ministries!

We really cannot do this without your help and support. We look to Bowlfest each year as the nest egg to build our year off of. This event is going to be huge, and we really want to set you up for success, so the earlier you sign up the better! Follow this link to do so: