Once a year we have a fundraiser for Fireproof Ministries, which is the organization over several ministries, including XXXchurch.com. It’s a 100 frame Bowl-a-Thon we like to call Bowlfest, located at the VIP Bowling Lanes at Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

This year, to make things a little more interesting, we have decided to turn Bowlfest into an entire weekend event!  Not only will you have the chance to bowl with our team and other like-minded individuals, but we will be doing outreaches on the Las Vegas Strip, sharing meals together, and having time set aside to get into the details and pertinent information you are searching for when it comes to Fireproof Ministries.

If you are interested in being a bowler and helping to make this year’s marathon a huge success, read on, fill out the commitment form below, and get ready to have a blast!

Are you ready to bowl 100 frames? We aren’t kidding!  We want people who believe in our ministry to commit to the following three things:

1. Dedicate the weekend of April 23-25, 2010 to take part in Bowlfest 2010 (bowling will occur from 9am-3pm on the 24th).

2. Sponsor yourself for at least $1 per frame.

3. Ask every human being you come into contact with to sponsor you with the goal of raising at least $25/frame.  That amounts to $2,500 that each bowler will raise for Fireproof Ministries!

Besides having a lot of fun on Saturday April 24th and having the satisfaction of helping Fireproof Ministries raise much needed funds, you will receive the following:

1. Lunch and continuous refreshments.
2. A tax write-off for any donated funds.
3. Appreciation ceremony at lunchtime.
4. Two night’s stay at the Red Rock Hotel.
5. A chance to win a fabulous vacation and other prizes.

If you agree to the following items, we will take care of two nights at the Red Rock Hotel on Friday April 23rd and Saturday April 24th, as well as your round trip airfare to Las Vegas.