El Clinto

We have been talking about taking X3 overseas for sometime now and
it looks like it is happening sooner then later. We made mention about
some spots we are looking into on a post a few weeks ago. We spoke to
soon. Turns out Calcutta, India and London, England will be the first
stops for X3.

Calcutta: The trip is happening the same week as
the porn show in Las Vegas in January. It is being organized by Stephen
from the band Anberlin. He has invited a group of people mostly bands
and a few organizations like X3church and Twloha.com.  El Clinto AKA
Clint one of the members of the team here at XXXchurch is going to go
on this trip representing the team.

Calcutta, India is home to many injustices in the world,
but one of the most atrocious being child sex slavery
and human trafficking. We are going to work with an organization called
Ten & the organization Made By Survivors, which are both non-profit
organization that helps take children and slaves out of their current
situation and  teaches them a skill or trade that will help them
throughout the rest of their lives.

We will have more info soon. Email [email protected] with any advice on traveling overseas. It is a long ways from Oklahoma.

London: Porn Sunday, Porn and Pancakes, and a bunch
of other things are happening in London. Craig is going to making the
trip in May and is still trying to line up a few more things. It looks
like he will leave on May 12th and will spend at least a week there. If
you are in London or have and are interested in booking a date email
[email protected]. If it all works as planned, we will return to
London in November of 2007 for the porn show there.

We will keep you posted…