I kind of love crap television. My favorite is TMZ and was delighted last year when XXXchurch was on there. I also love the show “cheaters”. I like the end part where they show the person getting caught. Sometimes a fight breaks out. I wish that show was untrue. I wish that show was made up. The sad part is it is real. These are real marriages that are being destroyed because someone has been unfaithful.

I know five people in my life ( actually know them not online friends) that are picking the pieces up on their marriage after an affair or their marriage has ended. These couples in my life all had partners start an affair on Facebook.

I love facebook. Well, I love the facebook movie more then I actually love or engage with Facebook. It is a great place to connect with people you have not seen for years.

The latest studies also show it has been cited as the reason for divorce in 1 out of 5 marriages last year.

This is growing and the numbers are going to get larger.

I can’t tell you everything, but we are up to a few things that I think can help this. One is a website and the other involves some form of technology.

The website will launch soon. Real soon that will be a place for people to connect with others that have gone through this on Facebook and have some tools and prevention ideas to avoid this from happening.

I am looking for a few people that would be available to help out on the website. Here are a list of people I am looking for.

  • Bloggers – People who are willing to share and write about divorce, affairs and call me crazy being faithful
  • Stories – People willing to share their story if this relates with you
  • People interested in helping with this in any way possible.

Please email [email protected] and let me know what you are interested or your story. Thanks so much,