I have always been a very passionate person. If I am going to do something then I put all I am, all I have into it. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. Being passionate comes very natural to me. Regardless of your character or temperament, we all have things we are passionate about. What makes you pound the table with your fist? What stirs your emotions inside? What motivates you to take action?

I am not passionate about attending porn shows or holding conferences on porn but I am passionate about people, especially hurting people.That motivates me to go to porn shows, hand out Bibles and meet with pastors about helping people inside and outside of their buildings walls.

I have spent a lot of time praying and going over this vision that has been set out for Canada. I will be up front and say it has been overwhelming all too often. So many people to reach, so few resources.

Last month I had the privilege of finally meeting Craig Gross, who started this whole thing called XXXchurch. I shared a bit with him about how limited I felt. Canada does not have the mega-churches with mega-budgets that they have in the US, or half the population for that matter. He told me something very wise, he said all it takes is one passionate person. He told me about a church plant that is sponsoring the New York porn show and the plant isn’t even a year old yet. Those are people passionate about reaching out.

This brings me to my original question then, what are you passionate about? If you are passionate about people then we need you. We need prayer warriors, we need fundraisers, we need team members. If you are passionate about people then we have a place for you. God has given you talents – use them. Don’t let fear or finances stand in the way of allowing God to use you. You won’t regret it.