My wife says I can’t keep a secret and she is probably right. Even though she is the one who just bought me something for my birthday but used our paypal account and I happen to get the emails for so that ruined her secret. So, here are a few things we are working on….

1. X3pure. Think Pure Online meets XXXchurch and you have X3pure. Cant wait for you all to see what is cooking. Will launch first part of next year.

2. T-shirt blow out. After Christmas we will be having a huge sale for 10.99 on XXXchurch and Heart Support shirts.

3. Kimberly (formerly Houston) is going to be joining us at AVN porn show in Vegas in January at our booth. We printed up a cool picture of her with her story of coming to know Christ on the back of it. Also, a group from Eastlake Church in Seattle ( remember episode from Porn Weekend) that church is bringing a group to serve at the show with us. This is something we are going to be doing a ton more of with XXXchurch and Strip Church. We will have groups or individuals join us and share in the outreaches with us. All the dates for the shows we will be at and how you can join us as a group or individuals will be on the Fireproof Ministries Serve site in January.

4.  Central Christian Church in Mesa let us know today that they are supporting Strip Church in Vegas today. We are so encouraged by that.  Life, Arcade Church, Eastside Christian Church have all supported our efforts over the last year as well.

5. The Christian Missionary Alliance is joining up with us as well. They are a denomination founded by AB Simpson.

➢     In the 1880’s Simpson was the pastor of perhaps the most prestigious church in New York City and perhaps the nation.

➢    Simpson spent considerable time reaching out to men and women who were often rejected by ‘the church’.  Included were the Italian dockworkers, to sailors, to streetwalkers, to unwed mothers.

➢    This all resulted in Simpson leaving his prestigious church and beginning a church on the backstage of a NYC theatre creating a SAFE place for people that had the greatest needs.

➢    Simpson was merely living out the example of Jesus Christ, who spent most of His time with the people the religious leaders often rejected.

➢    The Alliance DNA was established by AB Simpson with a passion to bring the healing Christ offers to broken people.

➢    The first Alliance church plant planted by Simpson in NYC was known at The Gospel Tabernacle.  Central to the church were numerous rescue missions, some of which exist to this day.  This was happening 130 years ago in The Alliance.

➢    Now today The C&MA is made up of 26000 churches worldwide with critical ministries reaching out to people that have been entrapped by the grip of the sex industry in places like Thailand, Cambodia, Mali and the continent of Africa.  It’s what we do!

➢    For XXXChurch to partner with The Christian & Missionary Alliance makes all the sense in the world.

6. I just finished my latest book. Jason Harper and I wrote this one together. We worked on The Gutter way back when together and I think this would be the natural follow up to that book. The project is called “Jesus Loves You….this i know”. There will be a companion DVD that supports it with some amazing stories shot by Sticky at difted. Comes out in the fall of 2009 with Baker books. A website will be up in February with some downloads and some cool things.

7. The Oakland Raiders are not going to make the playoffs and it is snowing in Las Vegas. Two random things to leave you with.

Enjoy the Holidays…