The other day a church in Indiana cancelled a speaking engagement
with XXXchurch. When Craig talked to the people on the phone he found
out that one of their elders was not cool with some things about It came out that the elder was a big fan of Focus on the
Family. He wrote to them and asked them what their opinion of XXXchurch
was. When he heard back from them the gig was cancelled. So, we will
move on. But it did interest us on what others were saying about our
ministry especially Focus on the Family who has had us on their radio
show twice to talk and seem to like what we do. We have also heard from
a porn star who was reffered to us by the big guy himself at Focus.
Needless to say we look a lot different then Focus but do know that we
are all on the same team. Or are we? Here is the official responce from
focus to JR

Dear John: Greetings from Focus on the Family, and thank you for
your phone call to our ministry headquarters. I consider it a privilege
to reply on behalf of our staff. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to
ask for Focus on the Family’s perspective regarding the XXXchurch
(X3church). Though we certainly have a desire to combat the destruction
of pornography in our culture, Focus on the Family does not recommend
XXXchurch as an outreach to those struggling with an addiction to
pornography. Instead, Dr. Dobson highly recommends that those who
suffer from such an addiction contact our Counseling Department at
719/531-3400. A member of our staff would be pleased to provide a
referral to a licensed Christian counselor equipped to provide
appropriate assistance. Again, thanks for getting in touch. If there is
some other way we might be of assistance in the future, please feel
free to let us know. God bless you. Focus on the Family.

We love how Focus on the Family has become the authority on what is
good and not good in the Christian world. We are glad that weight is
not on XXXchurch shoulders but XXXchurch would like to become that
authority on something. Maybe fast food…We hit the road quite a bit
and have a lot of knowledge on fast food. What is good, cheap, and fun
to eat. Email the official christian authority on fast food at [email protected].

Update: After three phone calls to Focus on The Family and no call
backs, we decided to go to Focus while we were in Colorado Springs
today. The lady at the front counter happened to be at the church we
spoke at yesterday in the Springs. We met at least three other people
who were there who had great things to say about our talk yesterday. We
could not get through to the person we needed, so we were told to take
the “Focus Tour” and check back in a hour. We enjoyed the tour and
checked back in an hour. We got a guy named Ken who came and told us
that there were people that because of their constituencies they were
unable to support us. He told us that was coming from the top down.
That is their standard responce. For those who don’t know what
constituencies are. It means that people that support them will come to
Focus expecting one thing and they can not support other ministries
that do not hold up to the same values and beliefs. The same guy will
tell you that Focus is not a Political Movement either…go figure! We
tried and it looks like they will not be our friends after all. I do
wish we had as many constituencies as they do. Yes constituencies is
the word of the day. Look for a center box with constituencies coming