X3groupsIf you are reading this post, there is a better than average chance that you recognize the destructive nature of pornography.  Problems like pornography addiction require action steps to remedy.  The first and most important step in getting free of pornography is finding accountability.  Accountability is more than filtering and accountability software (although that helps immensely).  It’s about engaging is healthy relationships with those you trust and sharing your struggles, your defeats, and even your victories.  It’s about getting open and authentic.  Finding a forum for this type of openness isn’t always easy.  This why we offer an awesome accountability and support group option online through X3groups.com.  X3groups offer you the community you need in a convenient, anonymous and secure setting and usually only costs one dollar a day.  Of course jumping into this type of situation may seem scary.  You may wonder if it really is that helpful.  Is it worth investing even a dollar a day if the program sucks?  We get your hesitance.  That’s why from now until the end of August you can JOIN ANY X3group for 30 days and just pay ONE DOLLAR!  That’s right … $1 can radically and forever change you life & put you on the real side of recovery.  That’s a pretty sweet offer if you ask me. 

However, we need your help to get the word out about this.  From now until the end of August we are asking you to share with your tweeps this exciting news.  Every time you tweet “Change your life for $1 @ x3groups.com / spread the word & win an awesome prize – for details visit xxxchurch.com” you will get 10 entries into our giveaway drawing.  This can be done every day!  The winner of this raffle will receive a FREE license for our online X3pure workshop (any one … doesn’t matter).  These workshops cost $99 normally.  If you don’t want the workshop you can gift it to someone you think needs it.

Help us out.  Help yourself out.  Help out those you love.  Let’s spread the word about this great opportunity.  It doesn’t get easier than this to start real recovery!

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