It is with great sadness that I announce the departure of Mike Foster
from the ministry of In January of 2007
will celebrate 5 years of ministry. We could not have dreamed X3church
would have had the impact it has on the world. It has been awesome to
watch as millions of people have come to get help through XXXchurch.

Change is good and sometimes necessary for growth both in ministry
and individually. Without a doubt we will see Mike grow new and
creative ministry adventures in the near future. Please wish Mike all
the best.

Never did I think almost 5 years later we would be seeing almost a
million people a month visiting the site, people from the porn industry
coming to the Lord and calling us, and be a part of so many great

The years ahead we are convinced will be great ones. The move to
Grand Rapids has been incredible and should we say contagious. We have
more people moving this way SOON. We have a bunch of people surrounding
the ministry that we could have never of wished for. A great team of
staff, amazing volunteers, and some of the best designers and media
companies willing to go to bat for us and crank out amazing stuff.

We head to Catalyst next week to launch our latest campaign dealing
with the issue of “Pastors and Porn”. We are excited about this project
and hope to see so many pastors stop hiding and come clean. We hope to
see many of you there next week. You can find Mike speaking on
Wednesday in a LAB ,you will find JR in the front row as he is driving
through the night to make it to the lab. Look for the rest of  us at
the booth Thursday and Friday or keep an eye open for a little present
underneath your hotel room door.